Congratulations Nicole!

There will be so much to look forward to this year, wishing you all the best on your journey! I was thrilled to be able to capture your images and your beautiful smile :)

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Congratulations Kamilee

How is it possible that the class of 2017 has already started school? What a fabulous way to start the 2017 senior season with Kamilee! :)

DSC_4530 DSC_4543 DSC_4905 DSC_4927 DSC_4971 DSC_5030 DSC_5061 DSC_5091


It’s been an amazing school year

It is surreal to me that the class of 2016 will be graduating in a few short weeks, our youngest is in this graduating class…We are thrilled that he is going to UCLA, where he has always envisioned! As we are stepping into the graduation season, this will be my last post until I start capturing the class of 2017.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of some of your journeys! All the best, Karen


Congratulations Stefan!

Congratulations Stefan! Wishing you all the best in your journey at Gonzaga!

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Congratulatons Emma

I loved seeing this beautiful girl again & capturing her sweet spirit! She is genuinely beautiful in all ways :)

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Congratulations Brit!

Oh my goodness I have known you since Mason was a baby, I have been so excited to watch you as you grow!

DSC_6874 DSC_6892 DSC_6938 DSC_6987 DSC_7042 DSC_7049 DSC_7076 DSC_7093 DSC_7165 DSC_7185 DSC_7219 DSC_7266

Congratulations Amanda!

What an exciting journey you have ahead of you Amanda! I was thrilled to capture your images!

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Congratulations Cameron & Annika!

We explored the beach & Palace of Fine Arts on a truly gorgeous day, wishing you an incredible journey to both of these gorgeous girls :)

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Congratulations Sophia!

I was thrilled to capture Sophia again and am so excited for what is to come for her!

DSC_8158 DSC_8191 DSC_8208 DSC_8218 DSC_8247 DSC_8253 DSC_8305 DSC_8319 DSC_8330 DSC_8353 DSC_8362 DSC_8407 DSC_8461 DSC_8476 DSC_8490 DSC_8505 DSC_8537 DSC_8620 DSC_8660 DSC_8718

Congratulations Devin!

I am tickled to have been able to capture Devin again, she has a beautiful spirit and I LOVED singing along to the Guardian’s of the Galaxy soundtrack while taking pictures!

DSC_7167 DSC_7243 DSC_7277 DSC_7332 DSC_7384 DSC_7392 DSC_7405 DSC_7423 DSC_7435 DSC_7443 DSC_7580 DSC_7586 DSC_7592 DSC_7598 DSC_7615 DSC_7622 DSC_7627 DSC_7635 DSC_7651