About me

People ask, how do you make sessions look so easy…truth, some are easier than others.  Here is our family, being photographed by a photographer friend…I set up the scene and dragged the couch and our two stubborn bulldogs out to a field & here is a peek at how it went.  The second shot is the more realistic one…No matter how crazy ~ each picture captures a moment in time that cannot be repeated.  I have been photographing children & their families for over a decade.  My desire to photograph began when I captured images of our very adorable, chunky babies (teenagers now, they can’t stand when I say that :)

I believe that giving back your gifts is essential & with that, I founded Moment by Moment in 2005.  Now, professional photographers from all over California with with the eleven children’s hospitals, photographing the courage and hope of families that have a child with cancer or other potential life limiting illness.

I am thrilled to have three coffee table books published, The Wonder of Boys, The Wonder of Girls & The Wonder of Babies.

We all grow up too fast & it is my goal to capture in photo sessions, a fleeting moment…